Tetris Ultimate - Content Director

2013 - 2014 - Ubisoft San Francisco

  • Conception, production and post production
    • Gave crucial playtesting feedback that ensured cross platform consistency and cutting-edge quality.

Nintendo Life: "Tetris Ultimate (3DS) largely lives up to its name; it’s a comprehensive collection of Tetris gameplay modes with various optional tweaks and tremendous online and local multiplayer."

Gamespot: "Tetris Ultimate (PS4) sports an admirable list of settings that let you tailor the feel of the game to your liking. (...) Co-op and team modes are the most interesting twists on the Tetris formula, as they widen the playing area (and thus lengthen the width you need to cover to get a line) and divide the screen up so that each player has his or her own designated section to drop pieces into, with a couple of columns of shared space in between that both players can use. Communication becomes important not only because scoring is impossible alone but also because all players on a team share both the pool of upcoming pieces as well as the single held piece, so if you're saving that straight block for a specific purpose, make sure your partners don't use it themselves."