Shaun White World Stage - Game Designer

2009 - Ubisoft Montréal

  • Production and post production

    • Gave crucial playtesting feedback that ensured game accessibility and cutting-edge tutorials.

    • Led the design of the online leaderboards and reward system.

IGN: "The simple, fun gameplay and stylish visuals ensure this is still one of the better kids' games on Wii"

Worth Playing: "The weekly event system does a great job of mimicking how things would work in real life by forcing you to choose an event that you can beat in order to gain as many points as you can before the next week rolls around and gives you even more events to take care of. 
The controls are the big selling point here because of the unique peripherals that the system has, and your experience with the game can differ greatly depending on what you have on hand. There are two different control methods that the game employs."