Rabbids Go Home - Game Designer

2007 - 2008 - Ubisoft Montpellier

  • Conception
    • Led the game and world structure design.
    • In charge of missions and rational game design.

Game Trailers: "Rabbids Go Home can best be described as the mutant offspring of Katamari Damacy's insistent collect-a-thon of crap, with bits and pieces of Super Mario Galaxy's platforming thrown in for good measure. (...) For the most part, level design follows a linear path, indicated by a makeshift road. However, it wouldn't be a Rabbids game if there weren't a few surprises. Some of the more unique stages spice things up, allowing you take the reins of a Boeing 757 jet engine, or tube down a canyon at breakneck speed. Later stages offer a higher degree of challenge, with elements like water, shifting platforms, and tilting bridges."