My Healthy Cooking Coach - Game Designer

2008 - 2009 - Ubisoft Montréal 

  • Production and post production
    • Managed top level research.
    • Produced and designed the menus.
    • Ensured balance and cutting-edge quality.

Amazon: "I was impressed that all the suggestions sounded REALLY good and perfectly fit my preferences! The "shopping list" feature is VERY seamless and easy to use in this game. When you pull up a recipe, look at the ingredients and check off what you need to buy. OR, go directly to the Shopping List feature and select which recipes you would like to make from there. OR, you can make your own shopping list by typing in anything you need to pick up (even laundry detergent or cat food). To me, this is very handy and a little bit more user-friendly than the other game; I'll definitely be using it!"