"Best way to live in California is to be from somewhere else." Cormac McCarty


About me



I am a creative leader that thrives to collaborate closely with artists, UX designers and programmers to create engaging game experiences that will surprise and please players making them ask for more.

From concept to execution I drive teams to deliver at a high quality level. I develop new concepts from brainstorms sessions to executive presentation

10+ years of experience being a key player in designing core loops, balanced games and finding solutions for great gameplay. I focus on prototyping and playtesting to create fun, innovative and captivating game mechanics.

I'm a VR enthusiast and evangelist, I strongly believe it's the evolution of gaming (merging with movies, yay my other passion), and could talk about it for hours and hours.

I'm French, bilingual (english/french y hablo un poco de español) and hold a Video Game Director Bachelor's Degree from SupinfoGame, a renown French Game Design school. During my 10 years at Ubisoft, I have worked in 4 different studios (France, Canada, India and the United States). I have been in the San Francisco office for the past 4 years.

My taste in gaming is as eclectic as the games I've worked on. The ones I like the most are those with simple and pure ideas supported by a strong coherent stylistic approach.

  • Journey was the first game to make me say "wow" out loud, the immersion (seamless multiplayer) and poetic experience still resonates today. 
  • Machinarum made me believe in the idea that beautifully crafted environments and universe could create memorable and smart adventure puzzle games (I also feel that way about Lumino City, The Room, Valiant Hearts or Gorogoa).
  • Papers Please is just a brilliant homage to retro gaming visuals in addition to feeling very modern in its design. Return of The Obra Dinn from the same designer but much more ambitious, is going to be even more remarkable without a doubt. 
  • Shadow of the Colossus (I am waiting on The Last Guardian so bad) is so epic, nothing can really compare to flying on a Colossus that you are hanging onto with your bare hands and trying to kill it with a sword, well except maybe when I play Call of Duty or Uncharted
  • League of Legends can bring out the best in me (teamwork, cooperation, leadership and competition), I just feel part of an adventure with friends or total strangers. The instant thrill of "killing", the pain of being killed by someone right next to you and being able to hear their instant reaction is quite like no other.
  • The Stanley Parable is proof that there is room in the innovative ways to explore the developper's perspective from the player's point of view, not only is this game smart, but it's also funny smart.

When I am not gaming, many things catch my interest, I am constantly learning. I am now playing around with Cubase to make sound, it's too early to call it music but I'm working on it. I'm pretty extraverted, I like to do Improv and Theatre, it has been part of my life for the past 15 years, and has proven to be very useful at work. When I need some fresh air, which is often, I like to do all sorts of things, Camping, Hiking, Biking, Surfing, Skydiving, Screaming at the ocean, all sorts!